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    Unhappy Loading numbers into array problem

    Hello i am trying to make code which will request user for his phone number (on one line), that number will be stored in array number, everything works ok till i dont type less then 10 numbers and press enter, cycle is waiting for next number/s on new line but i want program to give message like: number is too short or too long , type that number again: i have tried many options with while cycle and do while but none of them works properly
    #define ARRAYSIZE(a)   (sizeof(a) / sizeof(a[0]))
    int main()
      int number[10];
       printf("type your number: \n");
       for (int i = 0; i < ARRAYSIZE(number); i++)
        scanf("%1d",&number[i]); //fe input: 033232313 is correct 
                //123 is incorrect user will be able to type numbers again 
    Thanks in advance for any help...
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    You probably need to read the input line into a string first and then extract the digits from the string.
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    You can't really store phone numbers in integers.

    To begin with, integers do not store leading zeros.

    This is a big problem when you have international numbers like 004212345678

    Then some (actually a lot) of numbers have more digits than can be stored in a 32-bit integer.
    Phone Number Length by Country 2022 - World Populace

    To reliably deal with phone numbers, read them in as a string.
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