Thread: Send a hex string to a serial port

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    Send a hex string to a serial port


    I have to send that string:

    F5 01 00 02 00 C0 01 37 01 01

    to COM1 port (9600, ID: 1, Data bits: 8, data number: 1, timeouc 1.5 sec., no flux control, no parity).

    But my question is: there is a C serial library can help me to write that program?

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    What operating system are you talking about?

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    Which OS and compiler are you using?

    I'd guess Windows, since you mentioned COM1

    CreateFileA function (fileapi.h) - Win32 apps | Microsoft Learn
    Scroll a long way down to "Communications Resources"

    See also
    Communications Resources - Win32 apps | Microsoft Learn

    windows - How to use Win32 API to talk to a com port (RS232) - Stack Overflow
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