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    VS Code Set UP - Newbie

    Is anyone using VS Code here ? How did you set up VS Code to compile and Debug code ?

    I have installed VS Code on Ubuntu I followed this link Get Started with C++ on Linux in Visual Studio Code

    I have compiled code. I don't understand why terminal is showing result as well as other things. It should be show only result of program

    VS Code Set UP - Newbie-screenshot-2022-08-07-17-29-13-jpg
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    You're looking at the terminal tab, so it has more than just your output. You could try switching to the output tab instead, or add a \n to the end of your hello world output to make it clearer.
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    When i run the program in VS Code i am getting the output of the program in terminal and i am not getting any result on output tab. What do I have to do to see the results of the program on the Output tab, what settings am I missing, for which I am not getting the results on the Output tab

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