Thread: don't know how to solve pointer to union of two different types??

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    don't know how to solve pointer to union of two different types??

    I have the following simplified code and I need to have a formula take a uint16_t. This value however comes from multiple sources (ie multiple types) depending on who is calling the formula. The two issues I currently see in the debugger...
    1. pTx assignment how do I do this ?
    2. after I run the program the prtnVals don't look anything like the assignments??

    Can someone please help.

    /** * main.c
    #include <msp430.h>
    #include <stdint.h>
    #pragma LOCATION (pwmDiv, 0x1800);
    #pragma PERSISTENT(pwmDiv);
    volatile uint16_t pwmDiv = 50;
    uint16_t itoa(uint16_t k);
    union rtnVals
        volatile uint16_t Memory;
        float avg;
    union rtnVals *prtnVals;
    uint16_t test, lowByte = 2;
    uint16_t *pTx = **prtnVals;
    int main(void)
        WDTCTL = WDTPW | WDTHOLD;   // stop watchdog timer
        prtnVals->avg = 4454.0;
        prtnVals->Memory = pwmDiv;
        test = itoa((((*pTx)) >> (4 * lowByte)) & 0x0F);
    uint16_t itoa(uint16_t k)
        if (k <= 9)
            return '0' + k;
            return 'A' + (k - 10);
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    Your code makes no sense, and your image is broken.

    > prtnVals->avg = 4454.0;
    > prtnVals->Memory = pwmDiv;

    Given your union, all you have is
    prtnVals->Memory = pwmDiv;
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