Thread: Doubt on function routine

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    Doubt on function routine

    i have a function
    void SendData(sint32_t data)
    One problem i am seeing is i need to send data of max size of uint32_t and also a function requiring to transmit a data of sint32_t also. If i use the uint32_t to SendData it will exceed the size. How do I do, do i need to write separate function for each data type?

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    Maybe review your other threads on the same subject:
    MSB and LSB of the signed value
    Signed and Unsigned Variables
    Missing basics of signed and unsigned numbers (this was 3 years ago)

    Mostly, the data transmission functions like read()/write() or recv()/send() don't give a damn about sign or endianess.

    void SendData(void *data, size_t size)
    In your other code, you do
    sint32_t a;
    uint32_t b;
    SendData(&a, sizeof(a));
    SendData(&b, sizeof(b));
    To SendData(), it's just a simple block of memory of a given size.
    It neither needs to know, or cares to know what it actually represents.
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