Thread: variable used but uninitialized

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    variable used but uninitialized

    Hy everyone, I need your help !
    I'm doing a little code for school but I have an issue : when I try to compile my code I have the following warning : "warning: 'nom' is used uninitialized [-Wuninitialized]".
    My issue is that nom is initialized two line above. Is someone could help me ?

    char *demande_nom1()
      char *nom;
      printf("Quel est le nom de l'image d'origine ?");
      scanf("%s", nom);
      return nom;
    PS: yes i'm french
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    Initialised means you used the = operator to give your variable a value.

    Hence uninitialised means you didn't do that, and you've no idea where nom is pointing.

    To make this code workable, you need something like
    char *nom = malloc(100);
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