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    Question Validating an Integer

    Dear all,

    I am a total beginner to C - I've got some code that I'm trying to write that ensures you're entering an integer between 1 and 1000 inclusive. I want to verify the integer is the correct length (4), and that it is an integer.

    void enterN(int *inputInteger)
      char str[5] = { };
      int isValid = 0;
      while (isValid == 0) {
        scanf("%5s", str);
        if (strlen(str) > 4) {
          printf("Please enter a number within 1-1000: ");
          char c = 0;
          while ((c = getchar()) != '\n' && c != EOF);
        char *endptr = NULL;
        *inputInteger = strtol(str, &endptr, 10);
        errno = 0;
        if (str == endptr) {
          printf("Not an integer.");
        if (errno != 0) {
          printf("Not an integer, errored.\n");
        if ((strtol(str, &endptr, 10) >= 1) && (strtol(str, &endptr, 10) <= 1000)) {
          isValid = 1;
        else {
          printf("Something wrong with input");
          printf("%s", str);
      printf("%s", str);
    Every time I test my program by typing values such as 11111, it throws up the else condition saying something is wrong, immediately after saying values are too long. I don't want two errors - I have a feeling I'm not flushing a buffer properly but I have no idea how to do this and what to change.

    Values like 111, and 1000 work.

    Could someone please help me edit my code to fix this? Thank you!
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    > char str[5]
    You need to make this larger, if you want to allow invalid input and have a chance to validate it.

    > scanf("%5s", str);
    Or more specifically, the number here needs to be one less than the size of your array.
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    Quote Originally Posted by isaidilytd View Post
    I don't want two errors
    You have a bunch of tests like:
        if (something)
        if (otherthing)
    When more than one of the something/otherthing conditions are true, you will get more than one message.

    To avoid this, use if/else if/else if/.../else for your tests. That way the branches will be exclusive of each other and only one of them will print a message.
        if (something)
        else if (otherthing)
            print("all ok");

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