Thread: Using GTest with C - _Generic preventing build?

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    Using GTest with C - _Generic preventing build?

    Hello all,

    GTest is a C++ library, but can be used with C by using "extern" with header inclusions.

    However, _Generic in C does not exist in C++, and I am not able to build the project because of it. I am reading that Gtest only supports C to the extent that it can include the C headers, which apparently does not extend to _Generic.

    Is there a workaround, or am I forced to abandon GTest in favor of Unity?


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    Generic selection -
    Suggests that in C++, you use templates.
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    gtest is an unit testing framework also called googletest.

    It is for testing C++ code!

    It can test C code that can run as C++; but, in the 5 minutes looking I saw no where that said it can test C code that cannot be ran as C++.

    Please explain why you think gtest is a library?

    And, please understand you need to compile using an C++ compiler the gtest framework code. Your code might or might not be able to compile with an C Compiler. And, you need to make your headers C++ compiler compatible. In GCC, you likely will need to link the code using C++ and not the C linking compiler library/linking command.

    The above is based on only about 5 minutes research.

    Tim S.
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