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    Text Modul | dynamic struct |

    I will try to explain my question. I am pretty new in C. And i want to program a text modul.
    Using dynamic struct and dynamic arrays. it is not a homework its nor more like preperation for a test.

    text stuctur: length without \0
    dynamic array from type char and \0 should be save

    Text prototype:
    create(): parameter size, create a new text with a dynamic array, size define size.
    it should have more place bcs of \0.
    init(): parameter c string, with new size, text needs to be create()
    data needs to copied by strlen() and strcpy(), it has to be returned
    kill(): ofc delete dynamic array, set size on 0 and the pointer on Null
    add(): two text struct on value: both text gets to one text.
    Firstly the sum of both lengths is the new size. create() makes a new text
    then copy the data. Finally return.
    print(): text struct on value, data needs to get print.

    The Code:

    struct text {
     int length;
     char *zeichen;};
     struct text create(int size);
     struct text init(char string[]);
     void kill(struct text *rS);
     struct text add(struct text a, struct text b);
     void print();
     text create(int size) {
     struct text s = { NULL, size }; s.zeichen = malloc((size + 1) * sizeof(char));
     if (s.zeichen != NULL) {
     s.length = size;}
     return s;}
     void kill(struct text *rS) {
     if (rS->zeichen != NULL)
     free(rS->zeichen); rS->zeichen = NULL; rS->length = 0;}
     struct text init(char zeichen[]) { // copy text and a new length
     struct text newtext = create(strlen(zeichen)); strcpy(newtext, zeichen); //copy the new  text
     return newtext;}
     struct text add(struct text a, struct text b) {
     struct text longtext = create(a.length + b.length);  //size of both text
     strcat(longtext, a);           // text a need to get add to b
     return b;}
     void print(struct text q) {
     printf("%s", q.zeichen);}
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    Well it's pretty awful to read, being so compressed and all.
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    Never mind I got it now. Ty

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