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    Question C Program Output?


    I recently tried my hand at coding n have started with C language.

    Was finding out problems online to solve on C.

    Here's the question: Add 2 Numbers Without Using the Addition Operator.

    This is the code I ran using this c compiler , m unable to get the desired solution for the operators used.
    C Program Output?-c-program-compiler-jpg

    I would really appreciate your help.

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    What exactly is not working? It is not exactly clear what your input and what the output from the program is from your screenshot.

    Just quickly wrote a similar code, almost identical to what you have. It seems to work for me, the first operation does give expected output. That even increases my confusion about what exactly your issue is about.

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    Your scanf format is "%d %d" which tells scanf to read an integer (in decimal), followed by whitespace, followed by another integer. Your input has a comma between the two integers, so scanf stops at the comma and leaves the second int untouched. If it was left uninitialized (e.g., it's an automatic variable defined like int b;), then the results are undefined.

    The easiest solution is to type in the two integers with a space between them--no commas or any other characters (other whitespace like tab, newline, etc are ok).

    By the way, method 3 works only for a positive sum. Try adding 1 and -2, for example.

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    Basically, the result should be 7 using all operators, given that the custom input is 3, 4.
    As per question, we are supposed to add two numbers without using the addition operator.

    I guess I had put the wrong format for the custom input, separating the numbers by space instead of comma, gave me the desired result: 7

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    Thank you so much for responding, ghoul and christop

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