Thread: How to write an real time program in C?

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    How to write an real time program in C?

    How to implement real time system in C? What rules do I need to consider? Thank you.

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    Are you a bot?

    Because you're not learning anything by posting random one-line questions, and never responding to any of the answers.

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    You've only ever asked one question that was really on topic (contained some actual C code in the first post), and that was in 2018.

    Ever since, it's been "please google for me".
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    Yeah, I can't comment on your pasts posts since I'm new here, but I think questions like these need to be more specific. For example, what do you mean by "real time"? Do you mean, how can your code keep running after getchar() without waiting for a newline? Or do you mean something low-level about multi-threaded programming or inter-process communication? Or I may be way off on this; maybe instead of "real-time event handling" you mean "real-time media", some kind of streaming thing. It would be like me asking, "how do you use pointers?" What about pointers? It's such a broad topic that it probably could be better answered by doing a quick web search (I'm more a DuckDuckGo fan than Google, but whatever floats your boat).

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