Thread: Beginner at C and not sure what I'm doing wrong here

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    Beginner at C and not sure what I'm doing wrong here

    Hi I'm a beginner at coding c and I'm trying to complete an assignment, but I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong here. I've followed what the book said but it's not working. My scanf are working for the double and the integer in my code but not for the character. Any help would be great appreciated.
    int main(void) {
       int    userInt ;
       double userDouble;
       // FIXME: Define char and string variables
       char userChar;
       //string userString;
       printf( "Enter integer: \n");
       scanf("%d", &userInt);
       printf( "Enter double: \n");
       scanf("%lf", &userDouble);
       printf( "Enter character: \n");
       scanf ("%c", &userChar);
       // FIXME (1): Finish reading other items into variables, then output the four values on a single line separated by a space
          printf("%d %lf %c \n", userInt, userDouble, userChar);
       // FIXME (2): Output the four values in reverse
       printf("%c %lf %d\n", userChar, userDouble,userInt);
       // FIXME (3): Cast the double to an integer, and output that integer
       printf("%lf cast to an integer is %lf\n", userDouble, userDouble);
       return 0;

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    Here's a screen shot of one of the issues with the output
    Beginner at C and not sure what I'm doing wrong here-issue-char-jpg
    Attached Images Attached Images Beginner at C and not sure what I'm doing wrong here-issue-char-jpg 

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    To read the next non-space character, put a leading space in the scanf format.
    Like so.
    //      v here!
    scanf (" %c", &userChar);
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    The problem is that when you read the double with the previous scanf call, the newline from entering the line of input remains in the input buffer, and this is then read by the scanf call with "%c". A possible workaround in your case is to change "%c" to " %c" so that the leading space will match the leftover whitespace in the input buffer. A more general solution would be to read each line of input into a string (e.g., by using fgets), then parse the string with sscanf (as in always do this instead of using scanf).
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