Thread: Fill float array with the float numbers from a .txt file

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    Exclamation Fill float array with the float numbers from a .txt file

    I have a dynamic 2D float array and a file with both strings, integers(number of floats in the line) and float numbers. I got the number of lines from the first line on the file and the number of columns from the highest of the integers in the line.
    John 3 5.5 89.5 30.67 0.00
    Mary 4 78.9 67.4 67.3 9.0 0.00

    The number of lines is the one on the file + 1 because the last line is supposed to be empty and the number of columns is the highest of the integers after the names + 1 (5 in this case) because the 0.00 marks the end of each line. How do I load only the floats into memory?

    I've tried different types of loops with fgets and strtok like

    for(i = 0; i < num_lines; i++){
             fgets(buf,1000, arq);
             fscanf(aux, "%s ", &name);
             fscanf(aux, "%d ", &col);
            for(j = 0; j < num_columns; j++){
                fscanf(arq, "%f ", &M[i][j]);

    num = atof(strtok(NULL, " "));
     M[i][j] = num;
    instead of the fscanf(arq, "%f ", &M[i][j]);

    But it doesn't work, I get either an array full of 0.00 or -0.00 or at most random numbers between them. I need it to be an array of floats instead of strings because other functions will use the lines for math operations.

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    You could do something like this.
    #include <stdio.h>
    int main() {
      char line[] = "John 3 5.5 89.5 30.67 0.00\n"; // replace with fgets
      char name[100];
      char *linePtr = line;
      int pos;
      linePtr += pos;
      double value;
      while ( sscanf(linePtr,"%lf%n",&value,&pos) == 1 ) {
        printf("Scanned value=%f\n",value);
        linePtr += pos;
      return 0;
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