Thread: Invalid Memory Access when passing string literals to an argument

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    Invalid Memory Access when passing string literals to an argument

    I'm trying to call this search and replace function, and it says invalid memory access.
    How should I modify the function, so that it would be possible to pass literal strings as arguments.

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <string.h>
    void function(const char * string){
        char *pointer = strstr(string, "out");
        if (pointer != NULL) {
            memcpy(pointer, "in", 2);
            memmove(pointer + 2, pointer + 3, strlen(pointer + 3) + 1);
        printf("%s\n", string);
    int main(void) {
        function("cat is out roaming");
        return 0;

    75cc8e8a : at ???: RUNTIME ERROR: invalid memory access
    ../lib/bcheck.c:1699: by __bound_memcpy
    replace_text.c:9: by function
    replace_text.c:24: by main
    Expected output:
    cat is in roaming
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    You can't modify string literals because they're placed in read-only memory.

    You either have to
    - pass another parameter pointing to some memory where you want the modified string placed.
    - allocate some memory inside function and return that pointer back to the caller.
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    Building on what @Salem has said, try changing your `main` function like this:

    char buffer[] = "cat is out roaming";


    This uses the string literal to initialize a local variable, which *is* modifiable. So you should be able to do `memcpy`, `memmove`, etc. on it inside your `function`.

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