Thread: Accessing a linked list via multiple threads

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    Accessing a linked list via multiple threads


    I have a conceptual question regarding the use of mutexes to access a shared resource, a linked list in this instance.

    Say I have two threads that can access a linked list.

    I understand that if I want to make changes to the linked list from either thread, that I need to use a mutex to have exclusive access while making changes to the list.

    So for example, I obtain a lock, then add or delete a record, then unlock.

    However I am thinking that if I am just reading the list, from either thread, that I don't need exclusive access and thus I don't need to obtain a lock.

    Just wanting to confirm if my thinking here is correct; or if not, get some idea on why not / considerations.



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    It is common to have two-stage locknig...

    Idle - nobody is accessing the data.

    Shared - everybody cn access, but nobody can change.

    Exclusive - only one thread can access the structure.

    The key idea is that when somebody requests the exclusive lock no more shared locks are issued while the exclusive lock is pending.

    All of the shared locks drain away, and the exclusive lock is granted, the update made, and the the exclusive lock released allowing forward progress.

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    The locking concept you are looking for is called a readers-writer lock, which allows for either any number of readers or a single writer, but not both simultaneously. That's basically what hamster_nz described.

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