Thread: Looking help to understand Pointer to structure

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    Looking help to understand Pointer to structure

    I have been trying to understand Pointer to structure for a long time But even after spending a lot of time on google search it. I don't understand it. I hope somebody help me

    What I don't understand, I will tell you through the program given bellow.

    struct STRUCTURE 
        int X ;
    int main ()
        struct STRUCTURE *POINTER = malloc(sizeof(*POINTER)); /* Allocate dyanamic memory */
        POINTER -> X = 20; 
        return 0;
    In the program , I have declared the structure above the main function.

    In main function there is pointer to structure I think malloc function allocate address and store in variable POINTER.

    Pointer is used to hold the address of another variable.

    The variable POINTER, Whose address of another variable does it store ?

    How many address malloc function allocate ?

    Thank you

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    There is only one address returned by malloc, but it is the start address of however many bytes you asked for, as given by your sizeof() expression.

    This is the same thing without the malloc.
    struct STRUCTURE myvar;
    struct STRUCTURE *POINTER = &myvar;
    POINTER -> X = 20;  // actually sets myvar.X
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