Thread: Why use "_U_" instead of simple 'U'?

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    Why use "_U_" instead of simple 'U'?


    I came across this decleration in one of the header files:

    #define RTC_MODE0_INTENSET_CMP0_Pos _U_(8)

    The process is clear to me, but being a novice programmer, my question is why one would use "_U_" to declare an unsigned integer instead of standard 'U'.

    The other question is: where this "_U_" is declared initially?

    Thanks for the help!


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    Any macro starting with an underscore is reserved for the implementation, which is what defines _U_ here.

    As for why the implementation uses _U_ instead of U, imagine what would happen if an application also defined something named U (let's just say that bad things could happen).

    I can't answer your last question directly, but I can say that _U_ is defined somewhere in the implementation's header files (is this for SAMD? If so, it'll probably be under one of the SAMD compiler include directories).

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    Thanks christop for explaining.

    I am using PIC32CM.


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