Thread: Need help with a Analog and Digital Intruder alarm

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    Unhappy Need help with a Analog and Digital Intruder alarm

    Hey guys I'm new here and I'm struggling on my electronics project.

    I have to create an embedded system of my choice (i went for an Intruder alarm). It has 3 inputs - a sliding switch (digital), PIR sensor (digital), IR sensor (Analog).

    I have attached my c code.
    I just want to know how the main function coudl work for having 3 inputs (2 digital and 1 analog) into 1 named function I've created.

    C code is attached.

    Thanks for anyone who can help!LCDACDCombinedTrue.c

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    I reformatted your code's intentation
    void main (void)
        //SET UP
        ANSEL  = 0;                                    //turn off all analog inputs
        ANSELH = 0; 
        ANSELbits.ANS1 = 0;                            //RA1 setting to Digital
        ANSELbits.ANS2 = 0;                            //RA2 setting to Digital
        TRISD = 0b00000000;                            //Port D bits 7:0 are all outputs
        LATD   = 0b00000000;                        //turns off PORTD outputs, good start position
        TRISC = 0b00000000;                            //Port C bits 7:0 are all outputs
        LATC   = 0b00000000;                        //turns off PORTC outputs, good start position
        TRISAbits.TRISA0 = 1;                        //TRISA0 Input (IR Sensor)
        TRISAbits.TRISA1 = 1;                        //TRISA1 Input (PIR Sensor)
        TRISAbits.TRISA2 = 1;                        //TRISA2 Input (Switch)
        // this code configures the display  
        WriteCmd ( 0x02 );                            // sets 4bit operation
        WriteCmd ( CLEAR_SCREEN);                    
        WriteCmd ( FOUR_BIT & LINES_5X7 );            // sets 5x7 and multiline operation.
        WriteCmd ( CURSOR_BLINK );                    // blinks cursor
        WriteCmd ( CURSOR_RIGHT  );                    // moves cursor right    
        while(1)                            // Start of user program
            //Init ADC
            //LATA = ADRESH;
            DistanceValue = ADRESH;
            READING = (DistanceValue);
            if (READING > 0b100110)  // Binary Number is 38 which is Number coming 
                                     // from 500mV which is     around     30cm away from Sensor
            READING = (DistanceValue);
            if (READING < 0b100110)
        if (PORTAbits.RA2 == 0 && READING > 0b100110)        //Checks if Button is Pressed
    It is pretty clear that your "Checks if Button is Pressed" is out side of the main 'while()' loop, and will not get run.

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