Thread: Function call problem (segmentation fault)

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    Function call problem (segmentation fault)


    Considering this project:

    I try to call a function in benchmark.c file. The existing calls work well in search.c file. But my newer call causes segmentation fault. I suspect there can be some sort of initializing code. I tried various ideas, none worked. part of code:


    void benchmark(Position *current, char *str)
        [CODE BEFORE]
        strcpy(buf, "fen ");
        strncat(buf, fens[i], 127 - 4);
        buf[127] = 0;
        position(&pos, buf);
        //evaluate(&pos); // causes problems, from evaluate.h
        [CODE AFTER]
    Can you help me correctly call this function ?

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    Not enough information to know what "Position" is.

    We don't know the size of str, buf, or fens, or what they contain.

    You need to provide a small complete program so we can compile and test, and know what all the variables are.

    We should not have to download many files from a complex program on another site to answer your question.
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    I have no idea on how to produce a simple code based on the original one. I may ask the question on a place , where some may know the project's internals. Thanks anyway.

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