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    C loop error search

    Hello, I have data in a .csv describing a car journey. The car starts at the position (0,0)-> (x,y). It moves only in 2 dimensions.
    The .csv file contains two values separated by commas (,). The values include:
    -The acceleration of the car in the direction it is currently pointing.
    -The rotation of the car in which it is currently pointing.

    The car always rotates at the beginning, then it accelerates for 1 second, stops rotates again and accelerates again. and so on...

    Now I have to calculate the maximum distance from the start position and the total distance covered. However, I get in C when I run the script slightly different values than should finally come out.

    Can someone take a look at my loop or algorithm? Do I have a mistake somewhere how I calculate the covered distance?

            while ((token = strtok_r(save, "\n", &save)))
                char* token1;
                char* save1 = token;
                double acceleration = atof(strtok_r(save1, ",", &save1));
                double rotation = atof(strtok_r(save1, ",", &save1));
                direction += rotation;
                double ax = acceleration * cos(direction);
                double ay = acceleration * sin(direction);
                double vx = v0x + ax;
                double vy = v0y + ay;
                double x = v0x + (ax/2) + x0;
                double y = v0y + (ay/2) + y0;
                fprintf(file, "%f,%f\n", x, y, direction);
                double distance = sqrt(x*x + y*y);
                if(distance > max_distance) max_distance = distance;
                total_distance += sqrt((x-x0)*(x-x0) + (y-y0)*(y-y0));
                if(sqrt(vx*vx + vy*vy) > max_speed) max_speed = sqrt(vx*vx + vy*vy);
                v0x = vx;
                v0y = vy;
                x0 = x;
                y0 = y;

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    > direction += rotation;
    > double ax = acceleration * cos(direction);
    > double ay = acceleration * sin(direction);
    The first question to ask would be what units your angles are measured in.

    Because the usual expectation for something human readable would be degrees.

    But the sin/cos function expect the more mathematically natural units of radians.
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