Thread: Is gotoxy ansi?

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    Post Is gotoxy ansi?

    I have written a dos prog for borland c, it uses gotoxy() for nearly all its layout. But when I tried to compile in MSVC++ it just can't find gotoxy in the libs.

    So is gotoxy ansi or do i have to find an alternative to gotoxy() for my msvc++ port?

    This is a very big upset as I am writting it in ansi c for the sole purpose of compatibility.

    any help on getting gotoxy working in mscv or alternative functions would be apreciated.


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    No gotoxy isn't ansi standard and msvc dosen't have it. However all is not lost:
    #include <windows.h>
    void gotoxy(int x, int y)
       COORD coord;
       coord.X = x;
       coord.Y = y;
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    still solve the main problem though.

    unless I use some kind of #ifdef on which compiler is bing used.

    I will try anyway.

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