Thread: Threads Problem in Programming Multithreading

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    Threads Problem in Programming Multithreading

    Hi guys ;
    I'm trying to solve as much as possible multithreading problems in regard of getting a job ; I've
    seen this problem of multithreading:
    Top Multithreading Interview Question #full Answer - YouTube

    In the video explains the problem with complete solution but I didn't really understand how printf will print those possibilities:
    (in the video mentioned that printf maybe not atomic)

    2 1
    1 1
    2 2
    1 2

    could anyone please help me to illustrate in simple words the explanation that's found on the video? I already seen
    the video but Im confused on his explanation and didn't understand how do I solve correctly with understandings that problem that's
    found on the video (two threads racing over each other on print function).

    Doesn't matter for me what's the language about ; I need to understand the concept of concurrency and multithreading - Im new on this world and just started to study it recently.


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