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    So i'm basically trying to build a C code for this assignment. (Ignore the red text that's crossed out and any other question that isn't about programming)
    Intro, Intro (beginning of A), A, B, B ii

    Also in hyperlink A i know it says python but forget about that too, everything is supposed to be in C. I can't get past Section A though as my program won't run. It looks like this. Any suggestions?

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    Learn the difference between == and = when used in C code.

    Tim S.
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    Oh, and next time, post actual code between [code][/code] tags.

    Just dumping a bunch of urls to screen shots doesn't make a good experience.
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    Why haven't you just named the variables "guestNumber", "length", "isSmoker", "CreditCardNumber"?

    That way your code will be self documenting.

    If you don't want to do that, at least change "l" - calling a variable "l" is a very bad idea because it looks like a "1"

    What is going on here...
    printf("Please Enter Name\n");
    Is there more to that scanf?

    Also, scanf needs the address of your variable - You do that by putting a "&" in front of it
    scanf("%d", &length);
    There are lots of problems with getting strings (i.e. the name) from the user - You just need to look into the history of the "gets" function in the C language.

    The best way is to use a function called "fgets". I suggest that you have a look around for tutorials like this:
    C Strings -

    Good luck
    Fact - Beethoven wrote his first symphony in C

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