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    I have a homework about coding a car saler program. User gives us the datas about cars as a string so I should use strtok and atoi.

    struct ilanBilgi {    char sehir[15];
        int fiyat;
        struct ilanTarih;
        char marka[15];
        char model[15];
        int modelYil;
    These are the datas about cars and I should locate memory for 5 cars for the beginning if user keeps entrying data I should locate memory for another 5 so it goes like 5 cars,10 cars,15,20...

    What should I do with the malloc functions?

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    They way I do it is to have two variables, one for the allocated size and another for the used size. When the used size equals the allocated size, it's time to allocate new memory.
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    Okay thanks for your help but can you show me how should I use the malloc and realloc functions?

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    struct ilanBilgiVector {
        struct ilanBilgi *data;
        size_t allocated;
    void init ( struct ilanBilgiVector *v ) {
      v->data = NULL;
      v->allocated = 0;
    void extend ( struct ilanBilgiVector *v ) {
      size_t new_size = v->allocated * 2;
      if ( new_size == 0 ) new_size = 16;
      struct ilanBilgi *ptr = realloc( v->data, sizeof(*v->data) * new_size );
      if ( ptr ) {
        v->data = ptr;
        v->allocated = new_size;
      } else {
        // v->data is still valid, but there's no more room for more data
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