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    Date validation

    Hi everyone!
    I've always been curious about programming so I'm taking a class as a hobby but seeing as I'm a total beginner I'm pretty lost.

    I have a tuple where some of the variables are a dates,:
    typedef struct {
        tDate packingDate;
        tDate bestBeforeDate;
    } tProduct;
    And then in a different c file I've been given this
    void dateInit(tDate *date, int day, int month, int year){
        date->day = day;
        date->month = month;
        date->year = year;
    And a bool validateDate(tDate d) where it checks that the dates are correct. I need to validate the dates but I don't understand what's the use of dateInit. Also, if these functions are in a different file, how should I use them inside my function?
    Do you know any book of webpage for beginners that could be helpful? I'm seeing I really need it and I'd be really grateful! Thank you!

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    Something like this
    tProduct milk;
    dateInit(&milk.bestBeforeDate, 25, 12, 2020 );
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