Thread: Remove first few words from a string

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    Remove first few words from a string

    I am trying to read in a string from a file (easy enough). But I am then trying to remove the first word or two to be able to save only the trailing information.

    Example of inFile text would be:
    Agency Name: ABCDEFG
    Agency POC: Mr. XYZ
    Where all I want to save to my struct is the ABCDEFG and Mr. XYZ (for different variables).

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    Scan past the colon and leading whitespace, then copy the rest into a buffer. The strchr() function will take care of the first bit of the task:

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <string.h>
    int main(void)
     char* text = "Agency Name: ABCDEFG";
     char* colon = strchr(text, ':');
     if(colon != NULL)

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    Is the ":" a useful delimiter?

    If so, strchr() is your friend.
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    I'm thinking that the colon might not be a good delimiter based on a need to provide a time example. I've attached what the input file would look like. I'm thinking of changing the ':' to a '-' to try to make use of strchr().
    Agency Name: Test
    Agency POC: Mr. Test
    POC Phone: 12345
    POC Email: [email protected]
    Aircraft Type: B747
    Aircraft Tail: 0000
    Aircraft Callsign: HVY123
    Arrival Date(**dd/mm/yyyy): 01/01/2021
    Arrival Time(**HH:MM Zulu): 15:45
    Previous ICAO: KMCO
    Departure Date(**dd/mm/yyyy): 01/01/2021
    Departure Time(**HH:MM Zulu): 19:00
    Next ICAO: KADW
    Inbound Passengers(Number): 247
    Inbound DV(Number): 0
    Inbound Cargo(Details): None
    Inbound HAZMAT(Details): None
    Outbound Passengers(Number): 240
    Outbound DV(Number): 17
    Outbound Cargo(Details): None
    Outbound HAZMAT(Details): None
    In my program code, I'm reading in each line using fgets and then a function to remove the trailing new line character.
    fgets(new->AgencyInfo.AgencyName, 100, inFile);
    Could I use the strchr function on the struct element?

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    I believe I found it!
    fgets(buf, 100, inFile);removeNL(buf);
    token = strtok(buf, s);
    t = strtok(NULL," ");
    strcpy(new->AgencyInfo.AgencyName, t);
    Thank you for your help getting me looking in the right direction!

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