Thread: type cast void* parameter to be a ProductType pointer

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    type cast void* parameter to be a ProductType pointer

    typedef struct {
        EntityType ent;
        char name[MAX_STR];
        int  cost
    } ProductType;
    void moveProduct(void* product){
    I have a function moveProduct(void*) and I'm trying to figure out how to type cast the parameter to be a ProductType pointer, so that the product information is available. Does anyone know how to achieve this? I'm a little confused.

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    You are playing with fire here... it will burn you!

    Here... have a match and some lighter fluid:

      ProductType *p;
      p = (ProductType *)product.

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    Why don't you just change the parameter to be a ProductType pointer? If you cannot do this because say, this function is intended to be passed as some kind of generic callback, then yes, casting to ProductType* in the function body is the right approach.
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