Thread: Creating thread for every element in array using pthread_create()

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    Creating thread for every element in array using pthread_create()

    I'm writing a program that will simulate a randomized race between runners who are climbing up a mountain. I'm struggling with a part of my task where using the pthread_create() function, I am to create one thread for each runner in the race and save the thread pointer in the runner’s entity structure. The function that each runner thread will execute is the void* goRunner(void*) function that will be implemented later. The parameter to the goRunner() function will be the RunnerType pointer that corresponds to that runner.

    As a note, while there are only 2 runner objects declared and initialized in my program so far/added to my runners array, my code should be implemented to support any number of runners.

    So I made an attempt in main.c and I keep getting the error when I compile:

    	control.c: In function ‘launch’:
    	control.c:33:52: error: expected expression before ‘void’
    	   pthread_create(&race->runners[i], NULL, goRunner(void RunnerType*), " ");
    	control.c:33:18: warning: passing argument 1 of ‘pthread_create’ from incompatible pointer type [-Wincompatible-pointer-types]
    	   pthread_create(&race->runners[i], NULL, goRunner(void RunnerType*), " ");
    I'm not quite sure how to have a RunnerType pointer in the goRunner() parameter like it asks if the parameter type of the function is void*. Additionally, I don't really understand what the task is saying when it says to 'save the thread pointer in the runner’s entity structure.'

    I noticed there is a data member pthread_t thr in the EntityType definition and I feel like I should be using it but I don't quite know what to do with it. I would guess thr replaces race->runners[i] in pthread_create() but this doesn't really make sense to me as I'm supposed to be creating a thread for each runner instead of just one thing?


    	int main(){
    		race = malloc(sizeof(RaceInfoType));
    		race->numRunners = 0;
    		int i;
    		for(i = 0; i < race->numRunners; ++i){
    			pthread_create(&race->runners[i], NULL, goRunner(RunnerType*), " ");
    	void init(RaceInfoType* r){
    		addRunner(r, "Sarah", "S", 12, 40, 70, 0); 
    		addRunner(r, "Henry", "H", 16, 25, 70, 0); 

    	typedef struct {
    	  pthread_t thr;
    	  char avatar[MAX_STR];
    	  int  currPos; 
    	  int  path; 
    	} EntityType;
    	typedef struct {
    	  EntityType ent;
    	  char name[MAX_STR];
    	  int  health;
    	  int  dead; 
    	} RunnerType;
    	typedef struct {
    	  int numRunners;
    	  RunnerType *runners[MAX_RUNNERS];  
    	  char winner[MAX_STR]; //name of declared winner
    	  int  statusRow; 
    	  sem_t mutex;
    	} RaceInfoType;
    	void *goRunner(void*);
    	void init(RaceInfoType*);
    	RaceInfoType *race;

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    > pthread_create(&race->runners[i], NULL, goRunner(RunnerType*), " ");
    You don't specify the type.

    pthread_create(&race->runners[i], NULL, goRunner, " ");
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