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    Arrow What did i do wrong? Code inside

    Kay, Rookie here, trying some kind of lowlvl password check, it prolly contains alot of errors, but i cant see what exactly is wrong i think the check on if( passwordentered[i] == 1234 ) is wrong and you??

    #include <stdio.h>

    void main() {

    char passwordentered[8];
    char passlist[4];
    bool enter = false;
    int i;

    passlist[1] = 1234;
    passlist[2] = 1111;
    passlist[3] = 5644;

    printf("enter your password: \n");
    scanf("%s", &passwordentered);

    if( passwordentered[i] == 1234 )
    enter = true;
    printf("Password is correct\n");
    enter = false;
    printf("Password is incorrect\n");


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    > i think the check on if( passwordentered[i] == 1234 ) is wrong and you??
    Yes, I think it's wrong as well

    > void main() {
    So is this

    > bool enter = false;
    This is C++ only, yet this is the C board

    > passlist[1] = 1234;
    What are you doing here
    Trying to set up one password or three?

    > scanf("%s", &passwordentered);
    Mmm - should be
    scanf("%s", passwordentered );
    Since passordentered is already an array

    > for(i=0;i<10;i++)
    10 what exactly?
    I see 4's and 8's, but no 10's

    > if( passwordentered[i] == 1234 )
    You probably want something like
    if( strcmp(passwordentered[i],"1234") == 0 )

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    First off, it's int main, which will return 0.

    Next, bool is not a type that C understands, so instead, you'll have to do something like:
    int enter = -1; //Set enter to false

    Later on you can set enter to true by giving it a value greater than -1. On that subject, I can't tell what enter is doing there anyway, unless this is part of a larger program and for some reason you want the value.

    Secondly, change passwordentered[] and passlist[] to int types. Since you're only dealing with numbers, you won't need to worry about chars.

    That'll make it compile, I'll leave the rest to you or someone else to solve.


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