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    Bitwise Operators in C

    Can you help me with this example where i take from the deitels book.
    In the example we compare the value and the displayMask value with & and we are writing 1 or 0 but the point that i dont understand that how do we compare this two value cause there is more than one value but we are writing only one bit for each loop.
    thanks in advance.
    // Fig. 10.7: fig10_07.c
    // Displaying an unsigned int in bits
    #include <stdio.h>
    void displayBits(unsigned int value); // prototype
    int main(void)
        unsigned int x; // variable to hold user input
    printf("%s", "Enter a nonnegative int: ");
        scanf("%u", &x);
    // display bits of an unsigned int value
    void displayBits(unsigned int value)
        // define displayMask and left shift 31 bits
    unsigned int displayMask = 1 << 31;
        printf("%u = ", value);
        // loop through bits
    for (unsigned int c = 1; c <= 32; ++c) {
            putchar(value & displayMask ? '1' : '0');
            value <<= 1; // shift value left by 1
    if (c % 8 == 0) { // output space after 8 bits
    putchar(' ');

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    Please edit your code.
    Either "copy as text" from your IDE/Text editor, or "paste as text" in your browser (or try ctrl-shift-v).

    I edited it here for you, but you need to do this yourself.
    %n specifier use in C
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