Thread: lldb : Error - failed to launch or debug process

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    Unhappy lldb : Error - failed to launch or debug process

    Using OpenBSD clang v10.0.1 targeting aarch64-unknown-openbsd6.8 to compile a simple SDL c program using the following clang command to compile:
    clang -glldb -std=c99 -Wall -Werror $(pkg-config --cflags --libs sdl2) example.c -o example
    Program compiles with no warnings and no errors. I attempt to debug the compiled program using lldb v10.0.1:
    lldb example
    and set my breakpoints
    breakpoint set --name main
    then set the command to perform at the breakpoint
    breakpoint command add 1.1  bt  DONE
    I attempt to run through the program
    And then recieve the error message specified in the title of this post. I am not entirely sure what I am doing wrong here. Any help as to where to look to begin to troubleshoot this or any isnight into the problem would be greatly appreciated.
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    Maybe put the libs after the source.
    clang -glldb -std=c99 -Wall -Werror $(pkg-config --cflags sdl2) example.c -o example $(pkg-config --libs sdl2)
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    Would that really have an effect in this case? Nonetheless I've tried it and the same issue persists.

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