Thread: We can swap two numbers using Xor operator.

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    We can swap two numbers using Xor operator.

    I was searching for how to swap two numbers without temporary variable. Then I came across this blogpost.

    He used xor operator to swap. I was amazed to see it.
    Here is his program

    int main(int argc, char const *argv[]){
        int number1,number2; 
        printf("\nSwapping of two numbers in c\nEnter two numbers\n");
        printf("Number 1: %d\nNumber 2: %d",number1,number2);
        printf("\nAfter swapping");
        printf("\nNumber 1: %d\nNumber 2: %d\n",number1,number2);
        return 0;
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    This is a nice bar bet, but I don't know any programmer that would use this in real life.

    This can be more simplified by:
    number1 ^= number2;
    number2 ^= number1;
    number1 ^= number2;
    // Or even:
    number1 ^= number2 ^= number1 ^= number2;
    But again, I would never use it in real code.

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    > number1 ^= number2 ^= number1 ^= number2;
    Not really...
    Question 3.3b

    > He used xor operator to swap. I was amazed to see it.
    And if your data types are anything other than equal sized integers, you have to do it the proper way anyway.

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