Thread: [Help} Array of integers keeps returning value 2

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    [Help} Array of integers keeps returning value 2

    Hi all, am currently doing a project from KNKing's C program a modern approach.

    3 files involved. queueADT.h, queueADT.c, stackclient.c

    code for queueADT.h

    #ifndef QUEUE_H#define QUEUE_H
    #include <stdbool.h>  /* C99+ only */
    typedef int Item;
    typedef struct queue_type *Queue;
    Queue create(void);
    void destroy(Queue s);
    void insertend(Queue q, Item i);
    void removebegin(Queue q);
    Item returnfirst(Queue q);
    Item returnlast(Queue q);
    bool isempty(Queue q);
    relevant code oif queueADT.c
    struct queue_type {
        Item queue[MAXQUEUESIZE];
        int firstemptyslot;
        int toberemoved;
        int numitems;
    void insertend(Queue q,Item i)   //inserting number into the next slot in array
        if (q->numitems==100)
        q->queue[q->firstemptyslot]= i;
        if (q->firstemptyslot>99)
    Queue create(void)  //creating pointer to structure
      Queue q = malloc(sizeof(struct queue_type));
      if (q == NULL)
        terminate("Error in create: queue could not be created.");
      q->firstemptyslot = 0;
      q->toberemoved = 0;
      q->numitems = 0;
      return q;
    Item returnfirst(Queue q){  //returning first number in the array
        if (isempty(q))
        if (q->firstemptyslot == 0)
        return q->queue[q->toberemoved];

    relevant code of stackclient.c (main). Basically I insert some numbers into the strcuture and get the program to print it back out

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include "queueADT.h"
    int main(void)
      Queue s1, s2;
      Item n;
      s1 = create();
      s2 = create();
      insertend(s1, 4);
      insertend(s1, 8);
      printf("First number %d from s1\n", returnfirst(s1));
      //etc etc continue printing out numbers
    The problem is that my program keeps giving out the number 2, or rather the function that returns a number from the structure in the array keeps returning the number 2, even though I inserted numbers such as 4 or 8 or other numbers.

    I have spent quite some time changing things around but I cant figure out what is wrong. Would appreciate any kind help sirs thank you. Apologies if any of the code is formatted badly because I tried changing some code to fix it.

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    returnfirst appears to be incomplete: what do you return when the condition of the second if statement evaluates to false?
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    Quote Originally Posted by laserlight View Post
    returnfirst appears to be incomplete: what do you return when the condition of the second if statement evaluates to false?
    Hi sir that seems to have been causing the proble. Looks like i forgot to remove that line under return first lol .___.

    Thank you!!!! Solved.

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