Thread: Math help?

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    Math help?

    I have the following code:

    #include <msp430.h>#include "stdlib.h"
    #include "stdio.h"
        const char frq[8], br[8];
        long f, b;
        char *frqPtr, *brPtr;
        int d;
        float interim;
    void main()
        strcpy(frq, "16000000");
        strcpy(br, "115200");
        f = atol(frq);
        b = atol(br);
        interim = f/b/16;
        d = (int)((interim - (int)interim) * 16);
    After I run I get the following from the debugger:
    interim float 8.0 0x002018
    d int 0 0x00201C
    f long 16000000 0x002014
    b long 115200 0x002010

    Can someone tell me how to get interim = 8.68055555556 and d = 10?

    Problem solved: change f, b to float and cast
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    Are you sure? The final value must be 8.6805553436279296875 in single precision (8.68055555556 cannot be represented in any floating point precision).

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    > void main()
    main returns an int.

    > strcpy(frq, "16000000");
    1. You don't include string.h
    2. frq is declared const, so you can't copy to it.
    3. frq isn't large enough anyway, so buffer overflow.
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