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    Beginner help

    I am trying to have my switch case statements print with defined functions but they are not working. I have defined the statements, but it seems that the error is in the function itself.

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    nstructions() {printf("\nHere are the instructions:"), printf("You may have myself or the computer give you a number.\n")};
    user_guess(){printf("The number the computer is thinking of is...10.\n")};
    computer_guess(){printf("\nThe number I'm thinking if is...5")};
    int menu_choice;
    printf("\tGUESSING GAME /n");
    //Menu list of choices
    printf("1. Show me the instructions\n");
    printf("2. Let the computer think of a number\n");
    printf("3. I will think of a number\n");
    printf("0. Quit\n");
    printf("Enter your choice: ");
    scanf(" %d", &menu_choice);
    switch (menu_choice)
    case (1): instructions();
    case (2): user_guess();
    case (3): computer_guess();
    case (4): exit(1); //Exits the program.
                   //Validates input
        default: printf("\n%d is not a valid choice.\n", menu_choice);
    printf("Try again.\n");
    } while ((menu_choice < 1) || (menu_choice > 4));
    return 0;

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    1. Make all your functions return a proper type.
    2. There's no benefit to writing code all on one line.
    3. There's no benefit in abusing the comma operator.
    4. There's no need for a trailing ; at the end of the function.
    4. Your statements inside the function DO however need ;
    void instructions() {
        printf("\nHere are the instructions:");
        printf("You may have myself or the computer give you a number.\n");
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    Thanks. That was clearest response from the three forums I have tried. My book did not make it clear that your function needs to be inside of curly braces.

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    The 'all on one line with a ';' on the end' thing might be stylistically influenced by C++, where it is often used for small functions in class definitions.

    But it is not the done thing for plain C.

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