Thread: Reseouces for doing Test Driven Development in C?

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    Reseouces for doing Test Driven Development in C?

    My brain hasn't caught up yet, I'm short a nap...

    I've been doing Tests in other language and would love to bring that back to my C. Is there a way to do unit tests, or similar, with C? Any links to web pages or books?


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    This talks might be for you:
    You Can't Unit Test C, Right? - YouTube
    Beginning C - Part 23 Unit Testing a Permutation - YouTube

    I think the idea of TDD is language agnostic, the only differece to other languages is that you don't have classes to test, only functions.

    There are some unit test frameworks for C: CUTest, CUnit and probably more

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    I believe awsdert has tried Check
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