Thread: Function retrun type and param list

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    Function retrun type and param list

    1.​It seems like at least for writting code for microcontroller eval boards that unlike assembler C does not do well with just listing rows and rows of code in "main.c" Seems like functions are the way to go which actually is better and makes a program way esier to read. So if i have a function that calls other functions that do a task like output to a port and they are not returning any results to the calling function for that calling function ,probably a while , do i just put void calling function <void> or do i need a return type calling function <parameter list> ?

    2.I have another question, if i create a while and it is while(1) will the while keep executing ? so the code would stop, forever executing the while(1) any statements or functions below the {} of the while(1) would not be executed?
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    1. If the function is not meant to return a value then declare it to have void return type.

    2. Yes.
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