Thread: Why does this line of code loop infinitely?

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    Why does this line of code loop infinitely?

    Hi everyone,

    Why does this line of code produce an infinite loop upon receiving invalid input, and how do I fix it?
    for (int i = 0; !i; i = scanf("%lf", &myDouble)) puts("Please enter a double: ");
    I am just trying to prompt the user for input until myDouble is, in fact, a double (i.e. when the scanf() function returns non-zero). I get similar results using a do ... while loop:
    do {
      puts("Please enter a double: ");
    } while (!scanf("%lf", &myDouble));

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    You need to clear the bad input or it will be read over and over again.
    #include <stdio.h>
    int main() {
        double d;
        while (puts("Enter a double: "), !scanf("%lf", &d))
            for (int c; (c = getchar()) != EOF && c != '\n'; ) ;
        return 0;
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