Thread: Who Here is Interested in Hypervisor Development

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    Who Here is Interested in Hypervisor Development

    I am highschoolstudent loves programming in C i wanted to learn hypervisor development but it tended that i have to learn microarchitecture and operating systems now i am half away of this i wanted to know who here is interested in this like me so we can help each other

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    You don't really need to learn operating systems to write a virtual machine. Just use the host machine operating system and provide a layer of abstraction.

    You might find this book interesting
    Mastering Machine Code on Your ZX81 or ZX80 by Toni Baker

    The ZX81 was a microcomputer with 4K or ROM. So one person can understand how the whole machine works, including the Basic.
    I'm the author of MiniBasic: How to write a script interpreter and Basic Algorithms
    Visit my website for lots of associated C programming resources.

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