Thread: Reading Exif data from PNG file

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    Reading Exif data from PNG file

    Hi there,

    I'm trying to read Exif data from PNG files but hit a brick wall, and the lack of or poor documentation is just frustrating.

    Originally I just wanted to tinker around with dithering for reducing bit-depth in pictures, and it all kind of spiralled out of control with adding support for PNG and JPEG, and now finally wanting to preserve meta-data across file formats as good as possible. ;o)

    The Exif data in PNGs is stored in a "Raw profile type exif" text chunk and looks like this:
    which seems to be hexadecimal representation of binary data (no docs found about that).

    Converting that to binary seems promising, I get a block of binary data starting with "Exif".

    So I figured I could just feed that binary data to libexif, but no luck. (and again, no useful documentation)

    From the little documentation found on EXIF library (libexif) API: The libexif library I expected to simply do:
    ExifLoader *loader = exif_loader_new();
    exif_loader_write(loader, rawdata, len);
    ExifData *data = exif_loader_get_data(loader);
    But no luck, just a NULL return value.

    Does anybody here have any experience with this?

    I stripped down the code to just the bare minimum but it's still ~300 lines, so I am attaching it instead of pasting it all in here. (along with a small sample PNG file).
    Needs libexif and libpng to compile
    sudo apt-get install libpng-dev libexif-dev
    gcc -std=c99 pngexif.c -lpng -lexif
    Thanks a bunch,

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    No information?
    Starting with libpng-1.6.31, the eXIf chunk is supported. Libpng does not
    attempt to decode the Exif profile; it simply returns a byte array
    containing the profile to the calling application which must do its own

    png_get_eXIf_1(png_ptr, info_ptr, &num_exif, &exif);

    exif - Exif profile (array of png_byte)
    There's a similar set function as well.
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    Hi, thanks for your ninput.

    The eXIf chunk you are citing is relatively new and doesn't seem to be in widespread use.
    Instead, Exif info is commonly stored as a text chunk named "Raw profile type exif" as described above. (That is also where e.g. GIMP will store Exif data.)

    So far I haven't had a PNG file yet with eXIf chunk, but I somehow suspect that I'd end up in the same place anyway.

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    Played with it a bit more, and at least I figured out how to get error messages from libexif now:
    libexif (ExifLoader): Scanning 5156 byte(s) of data...
    libexif (ExifLoader): The data supplied does not seem to contain EXIF data.
    exif_loader_write() returned 0
    exif_loader_get_data() failed
    I then tried to let libexif read the whole file instead of just feeding it the Exif part.
    It works for JPEGs, but not for PNGs. (Same error message as above).

    So I guess it's not a C programming question, but rather a compatibility issue with libexif.
    Oh, well.

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