Thread: Looking for help with the array of structures problem :)

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    Looking for help with the array of structures problem :)

    I'm trying to input the array of structs into the print_yearly_data function and then loop through the inputted array of structs, printing each individual structures data with the print_climate_data function.

    Is there a way to do this using the current methods or do i need to learn something new.

    Any help appreciated!

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <string.h>
    #include <math.h>
    void print_climate_data(struct climatedata a);
    void print_yearly_data(struct climatedata b[]);
    struct climatedata
      char month[10];
      float high;
      float mean;
      float low;
    int main(void)
      int m;
      struct climatedata auck[13];
      strcpy(auck[1].month, "Jan");
      strcpy(auck[2].month, "Feb");
      strcpy(auck[3].month, "Mar");
      strcpy(auck[4].month, "Apr");
      strcpy(auck[5].month, "May");
      strcpy(auck[6].month, "Jun");
      strcpy(auck[7].month, "Jul");
      strcpy(auck[8].month, "Aug");
      strcpy(auck[9].month, "Sep");
      strcpy(auck[10].month, "Oct");
      strcpy(auck[11].month, "Nov");
      strcpy(auck[12].month, "Dec");
      auck[1].high = 30.0f;
      auck[2].high = 30.5f;
      auck[3].high = 29.8f;
      auck[4].high = 26.0f;
      auck[5].high = 24.6f;
      auck[6].high = 23.8f;
      auck[7].high = 19.0f;
      auck[8].high = 20.6f;
      auck[9].high = 22.0f;
      auck[10].high = 23.6f;
      auck[11].high = 25.9f;
      auck[12].high = 28.3f;
      auck[1].low = 5.6f;
      auck[2].low = 8.7f;
      auck[3].low = 6.6f;
      auck[4].low = 3.9f;
      auck[5].low = 0.9f;
      auck[6].low = -1.1f;
      auck[7].low = -3.9f;
      auck[8].low = -1.7f;
      auck[9].low = 1.7f;
      auck[10].low = -0.6f;
      auck[11].low = 4.4f;
      auck[12].low = 7.0f;
      auck[1].mean = 19.1f;
      auck[2].mean = 19.7f;
      auck[3].mean = 18.4f;
      auck[4].mean = 16.1f;
      auck[5].mean = 14.0f;
      auck[6].mean = 11.8f;
      auck[7].mean = 10.9f;
      auck[8].mean = 11.3f;
      auck[9].mean = 12.7f;
      auck[10].mean = 14.2f;
      auck[11].mean = 15.7f;
      auck[12].mean = 17.8f;
      printf("Enter month number: ");
      scanf("%d", &m);
      return 0;
    void print_climate_data(struct climatedata a)
      printf("%s\n", a.month);
      printf("Record High: %.1f C\n", a.high);
      printf("Daily Mean: %.1f C\n", a.mean);
      printf("Record Low: %.1f C\n\n", a.low);
    void print_yearly_data(struct climatedata b[])
      for (int i = 1; i > 13; i++)
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    > for (int i = 1; i > 13; i++)
    Try < instead.

    Other than that, it would seem to be fine.
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    Thanks a bunch
    Looking for help with the array of structures problem :)-tenor-gif

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