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    Lightbulb Struggle in changing the code

    Good morning,

    How to change the following code
    int main()
       int a[100], n, i, psum=0, nsum=0;
       printf("Size od the table [1-100]: ");
       printf("Write %d elements: ",n);
       for(i=0; i<n; i++)
         if(a[i]<0) nsum += a[i];
         else psum += a[i];
       printf("Sum of positive numbers: %d",psum);
       printf("\nSum of negative sumbers: %d",nsum);
       return 0;
    so I don't need to write the size of the board and I can just write and write elements until I write 0, so then it fnishes?
    And how I can print all positive elements and all negative elements??

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    For printing the negatives of the array just run the array again and check if the number is negative.

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