Thread: i have been struggling with this exercise

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    Angry i have been struggling with this exercise

    - write a program to enter a natural number n and find all sphenic number from 1 to n using Recursion(combined with iteration if necessaary)

    Note: A sphenic number is a product of p*q*r where p,q and r are three distinct prime numbers.
    Example: 30 = 2*3*5, 42=2*3*7, 66=2*3*11.
    30, 42, 66, 78, 102, 105, 110, 114, 130, 138, 154, 165,... are sphenic numbers.

    - Calculate the complexity of your program(Best scenao, Worst scenano, Average). Justify your answer.

    - Write the program to solve Problem1 using Linked List ADT with necessaary function and Linked List principle

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