Thread: How to return a pointer from a function in another file?

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    How to return a pointer from a function in another file?

    I have a function that returns a pointer....I have labeled it with and without "static". In both cases when the function gets called again I lose the value of the pointer in the previous call, even when I declare a unique variable in main for the earlier calls...The function lives in another file other than main. Can someone tell me how to pass this pointer back to main such that the value of each call doesn't get updated overwriting the old return values?


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    You want to keep all the old return values? Then you need to store them in some kind of container in main, e.g., in an array.

    Look, why don't you post a highly simplified program with what you tried? Explain how does this simplified program fails to work the way you want, e.g., place comments indicating where a particular value was expected, but was not present.
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