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    Error with fgets()

    Hello, good people. I just started learning C and i can't understand how some things work. I believe i got how printf, scanf and fgets work, but can't figure why when im combining them it fails to work. From what i've read, i was supposed to add \n. And i did and it still doesnt work. The problem is that i cant input anything to be stored in fgets. Why is that and how do i fix it?

    char a[20];
    char b[20];
    char c[30];
    printf("Enter a color \n");
    scanf("%s", a);
    printf("Enter a plural noun \n");
    scanf("%s", b);
    printf("Enter your first and last name \n" );
    fgets(c, 30, stdin);
    printf("You've chosen %s\n", a);
    printf("You like %s\n", b);
    printf("Was a pleasure meeting you, %s \n", c);

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    Especially since you're reading strings all the way, just use fgets instead of scanf. You'll avoid the buffer overflow vulnerability of using %s without field width that way, at the cost of having to remove a likely '\n' from the end of your strings.

    The reason why you're having trouble now is that scanf with %s leaves the newline from the previous input in the input buffer, which is then read by fgets as if it were a blank line, leaving your actual input in the input buffer.
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    scanf and fgets don't play nicely with one another.

    In particular, scanf typically leaves trailing \n on the input stream - which is exactly what fgets looks for to exit early.

    Typically, use fgets() for everything, then use sscanf() on the resulting in-memory copy of the input to do your thing.
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    I think i understand how it is now. An important lesson was learned.
    Thank you two for the answers.

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