Thread: Sorting integers in Array

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    Sorting integers in Array

    Hi guys ;
    how could I sort an array of integers with fixed size in a random way? I mean by random way, is sorting the array randomly, choosing every time new element in the array to check .. how could I implement that? to be assure it's not homework or assignment question, it's just a question that I want to understand and to have a clue of sorting an array randomly ..

    thanks alot

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    To understand your question: You want to pick an item randomly and place it before the greater value from the beginning of the array? That's it?
    Or... Do you want to sort the entire array? In that case, qsort() is better.


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    Sure, if you want.
    Bogosort - Wikipedia

    Throw a pack of cards into the air.
    Pick them up.
    See if they're sorted.
    Rinse and repeat.
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