Thread: sign, size, data type

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    sign, size, data type


    if the register is 16 bit wide

    sign, size, data type

    #include <stdio.h>
    int main()
        sign short int X = 20;
        sign short char Y = 'A';
        return 0;
    What's meaning of following statement ?
    sign short int X = 20; sign short char Y = 'A';

    will size of register 8 bit because of short keyword ?

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    In standard C, there is no such thing as a short char, and there is no sign keyword (but perhaped you had signed in mind). A short int has a minimum range that mathematically requires at least 16 bits to represent it. There is no concept of register that is defined in C, at most the standard makes reference to registers with the reader expected to understand the concept from beyond C, and where it does define the semantics of the register keyword, no mention is made of registers themselves:
    Quote Originally Posted by C17 Clause 6.7.1 Paragraph 6
    A declaration of an identifier for an object with storage-class specifier register suggests that access to the object be as fast as possible. The extent to which such suggestions are effective is implementation-defined.
    So, reasonable answers to your question range from "your question does not make sense" to "no" to "it depends on the implementation".
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