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    Quote Originally Posted by stahta01 View Post
    Is there any reason you have an "*" in front of this?

    Edit: I see the reason now; but, you are likely calling CharacterCount wrong.

    Tim S.
    That's another good catch. This:
    is equivalent to:
    since the dereference has no net effect, after optimisation the above is thus equivalent to:
    which merely increments the pointer rather than the actual count that the pointer points to.
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    This is also incorrect:

    char c;
    c = fgetc(fp);
    fgetc() returns an int, not a char.

    If char is unsigned on your platform, then c will never equal EOF. On the other hand, if char is signed on your platform, then c might equal EOF accidentally for some legitimate input. Either way, declaring c as an int will avoid both of these problems.

    You're not saving anything (time or memory) by declaring c to be char (but you're spending a tiny bit more time by typing "char" instead of "int"). As I like to say, why do the wrong thing when the right thing is just as easy (or easier, in this case)?

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