Thread: Can't find the infinite loop

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    Can't find the infinite loop

    I'm having an issue finding the infinite loop in my code if someone can help that would be great.

    #include <stdio.h>
    int main() {
        int instructionCount[100], totalInstructions = 0, cpi[100], noOfClass = 0, frequency = 0, ch = 0;
        float averageCpi = 0, executionTime, mips;
        const long MILLION = 1000000;
        do {
            printf("\n 1) Enter Parameters(");
            printf("\n 2) Print Results");
            printf("\n 3) Quit");
            printf("\n Enter Selection: ");
            scanf("%d", &ch);
            if (ch == 1) {
                printf("\n Enter the number of instruction classes:  ");
                scanf("%d", &noOfClass);
                printf("\n Enter the frequency of the machine (MHz): ");
                scanf("%d", &frequency);
                for (int i = 0; i < noOfClass; ++i) {
                    printf("\n Enter CPI of class %d :  ", (i + 1));
                    scanf("%d", &cpi[i]);
                    printf("\n Enter instruction count of class %d (millions): ", (i + 1));
                    scanf("%d", &instructionCount[i]);
                    totalInstructions += instructionCount[i];
            else if (ch == 2) {
                printf("\nFREQUENCY (MHz): %d", frequency);
                printf("\nINSTRUCTION DISTRIBUTION");
                printf("\nCLASS \t CPI \t COUNT");
                for (int i = 0; i < noOfClass; ++i) {
                    printf("\n %d \t %d \t %d", (i + 1), cpi[i], instructionCount[i]);
                    averageCpi += (cpi[i] * instructionCount[i] * MILLION);
                averageCpi = averageCpi / (totalInstructions * MILLION);
                mips = (frequency * MILLION) / (averageCpi * MILLION);
                executionTime = ((averageCpi * (totalInstructions * MILLION)) / (frequency * MILLION)) * 1000;
                printf("\n PERFORMANCE VALUES");
                printf("\n AVERAGE CPI \t %.2f", averageCpi);
                printf("\n TIME (ms) \t %.2f", executionTime);
                printf("\n MIPS \t %.2f", mips);
        } while (ch != 3);
        return 0;

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    Use a debugger to set breakpoints and step through your code. From there, you will be able to narrow down where the infinite loop is happening, and hopefully that will be enough insight for you to spot and solve the problem. If not, come back here and tell us what you observed with the help of the debugger.
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