Thread: timeout on write() for linux pipe

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    Question timeout on write() for linux pipe

    How can I set timeout for write() on linux pipe ?

    example code:

    int fd_pipe = open("/run/some/pipe", O_RDWR);
    // here i need to set timeout for 3 seconds somehow, if can't write, code will continue...
    write(fd_pipe, something, strlen(something));
    // continue executing..

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    Something like this?
    static void do_nothing(int sig) {}
    signal( SIGALRM, do_nothing );
    errno = 0;
    write( ... );
    if ( errno == EINTR ) puts( "timedout" );

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    Note that you only get EINTR if the timeout happens before any data is written at all.

    If write() manages to write just one character, you need to check the return result to determine how much data has actually been written to the pipe.

    Open the file with O_NONBLOCK mode, then using select() with a timeout to handle the case where not all characters are written.

    I'm not aware of an API that will tell you in advance whether a pipe has space for N characters, such that you know in advance that the whole message can be written.

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